General terms and conditions of use

2. Your agreement to the terms

By sending the form to THE RIFT or any of its’ brands, you automatically agree to the general conditions listed below.

3. Licence and copyright

The person writing the opinion, referred to in the paragraph “Your opinion”, will be referred to as “the contributor”.

By sending the text, the contributor certifies that he is the author and the holder of the rights to the text he/she is sending. The contributor undertakes not to copy or to commit plagiarism of an already existing text.

The contributor is the author of the text and he/she retains its ownership.

However, the contributor accepts to publish his/her text under the Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 FR licence. This means that the text will be published under license allowing its reuse, also for commercial purposes, and protecting the text from plagiarism and modification. The contributor also agrees not to demand remuneration or revenues in exchange of the text and its publication. Also, he/she authorises THE RIFT to use his/her text, partially or integrally, as well as the provided elements (picture, titles, profession) on all supports, physical or digital, for a free or a commercial use, in accordance with current legislation, and this without time limits.

4. Reserves associated with publication of the opinion

THE RIFT being a media of debate, the contributor’s opinion will be opposed to one or several opposing opinion(s). By sending his/her opinion, the contributor confirms having full knowledge of this principle. However, the contributor will not systematically know his/her opponent ; he/she can therefore ask not to be opposed to certain persons or organisations before or while sending the text.

After receiving the opinion of the contributor, THE RIFT reserves the right not to publish the text if quality of edition or arguments is not compatible with the quality standards of the media. Likewise, THE RIFT reserves the right not to publish the opinion if one is received too late regarding publication requirements.

5. Length and integrity of the text

By sending his/her opinion, the contributor gives consents to the length limit of the opinion, expressed in words count. If the contributor exceeds the length limit, THE RIFT reserves the right to remove some parts of the opinion before its publication, care being taken to alter the least possible the meaning of the opinion, so it would be conform to length requirements, and without necessary prior agreement of the author.

However, if the opinion respects length requirements, THE RIFT commits not to modify the sent text, with the exception of eventual repetitions or mistakes in spelling, ponctuation, or syntax.

6. Missing fields

In case some of the fields of this form are missing (first names, surnames, titles or professions, website) when received by the editorial team, THE RIFT reserves the right to fill the missing fields with public and true information.

In case the contributor does not send a picture of a logo, THE RIFT reserves the right to add a picture of a logo representing the author or his organisation.

In case title of the opinion is missing from the form, THE RIFT reserves the right to assign a title to the opinion, expressing in the most accurate way the author’s point of view, or to extract a quote from the opinion and use it as a title.

7. Right to modify information about you

In accordance with existing regulations you have the right to monitor and to modify published information about you.

THE RIFT commits to take into account these demands of withdrawal or modification of your informations within the shortest possible period of time.

You also have the right to modify the opinions you have written, as long as this modifications do not substantively change the meaning of the opinion. THE RIFT reserves the right to refuse all modification submitted after the opinion has been published.

8. Contact and disputes

For all demands and questions, the contributor can contact THE RIFT via email address or via any other email address or phone number he has at disposal. The media THE RIFT commits to answer within the shortest possible period of time, within capacity constraints.

These conditions are deemed compliant and subjected to the French legislation in force.

Any dispute shall be settled under the French legislation.

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