About Us

The concept

Are you familiar with the concept of echo chambers and filter bubbles ? Both are a result of a closed system, either because of personalized algorithms on the Internet, or amplified repeated information. This phenomenon is strengthened by social networks, a growing lack of confidence in traditional media and the apparition of an important stream of fake news through new information channels.

We want to change the way of providing information, in order to fight against those bubbles, chambers and fake news.

The idea behind the Rift is simple: for each topic of debate, we provide you with an expertise based on a pro-con approach, edited by two experts. These speakers are credible and legitimate to express their point of view on the topic. Moreover, they are not necessarily academic experts, but rather professionals dealing with the subject of the debate.

Our community

First launched in France in 2015 under the name “Le Drenche”, The Rift is managed by a team of young editors based in Paris. Our major contributors are experts, whom we ask to edit the opinions on debate topics.

But, more importantly, YOU are our main contributors! As a participative online media, we want to give the voice to young people and to adjust our editorial line to your needs and expectations.

Our partners


We were able to create this page thanks to the help and support of Citizens for Europe. 

Are we political?

You are right, the name of our media is political, but we have no political affiliation. Our debate topics do not exclusively talk about political issues – we also focus on culture, economics, environment, agriculture… You are polyvalent, and we want to be as polyvalent as our readership.

That’s awesome! What do I do next?

Did we manage to convince you, young reader ? Are you curious to discover our next topic debates ? Or maybe you want to join our press committee? It’s easy!

Follow our 3 steps challenge : 1) Learn the ropes, 2) Choose your side 3) Engage!

If you want to please us, you can add a 4th step by sharing our articles to your friends on social networks or joining our online press committee.  

Empowering opinions