Do you like receiving compliments? Of course – everybody does! But how can you know that they are sincere?

But what has really happened here?

Despite the rather informal photographs, they were taken during an essential event for the EU – The European Council summit on 17-18 on October 2019. During this summit, the EU Member States leaders discussed the topic of Brexit and the final steps to take in order to let the United Kingdom quit the Union on the 31st of October.

The discussions took place until late in the night, but eventually the European Council found a compromise over a new deal, which is very similar to Theresa May’s deal, but with altered decisions on sensible points (such as the customs union or the backstop). The European Council accepted the deal, now it must me adopted by the European Parliament and the House of Commons in order to be executed.

Photograph credits : The European Commission
Source (photographs): Europe by Satellite
Source (text): EURACTIV
Disclaimer: The story used in photographs is false and it was invented for the needs of the article.

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