‘You won a car!’

Do you ever participate in online contests where you can win a phone, or a car, or a koala bear? Yes, I admit, it’s often a scam, but you never know. You might win something one day.
I’m joking. Don’t try that at home. Here’s how it went for out hero of the day, Violeta.

10 minutes later…

But what has really happened here?

Our winner, Violeta, is in fact Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner in charge of transport. These pictures were taken at two separate events. The first event was a demonstration drive of a fuel cell vehicle in Brussels. The second event was a road side control in the framework of Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death).

The Commissioners often participate in events relevant to their portfolios, such as Violeta Bulc in this case. By doing that, they represent publicly the European Commission, communicate with the civil society and communicate their legislative priorities.

Photograph credits : European Commission (Europe by Satellite)
Source: European Commission
Disclaimer: The story used in photographs is false and it was invented for the needs of the article.

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