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Creative work is a tough one. Sometimes when you have an idea or a vision, your superiors don’t agree with it.

But what has really happened here?

These photographs were taken on 23 July, and they show Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner from Germany in charge of budget and human ressources. On Tuesday he participated in the inauguration of the model of a new welcome centre for the European Commission’s headquarters, based in the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

What is the story of the Berlaymont building?

Berlaymont was built in 1967 to host offices for the College of Commissioners and the headquarters of the European Commission. The cruciform building covered with glass windows became a symbol of the institution and one of the main symbols of the EU.
The construction of the new welcome centre will start in the beginning of August. The centre will be the new entrance for visitors and it will be build according to the highest security standards.

Photograph credits : European Commission (Europe by Satellite)
Source: European Commission, Toute l’Europe
Disclaimer: The story used in photographs is false and it was invented for the needs of the article.

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