A little flirt

3 heroes, one holiday, a foreign country… it’s all you need to feel lighter and to flirt a little. It seems like our friends Jean-Claude and Donald are into it.

Unfortunately, subtile pick-up lines are not always as subtile as it seems, and you can never be sure it they were understood.

Luckily, friends can give you a piece of advice.

Meanwhile, while Jean-Claude is struggling with his pick-up lines, Donald is trying a different, slightly more extravagant method to attract attention.

Did it really work out well for Donald?

Well, it seems so. And it looks like it’s a date for Jean-Claude, too.

But what has really happened here?

The photographs of the article were taken during the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. The meeting takes place on the 28 and 29 June with leaders of 19 countries and the European Union. The summit is focused on financial market, world economy and international economic cooperation.

The main themes of the conference are global economy, innovation, trade and investment, environment and energy, employment, development and women empowerment.

The biggest issue of this summit is very likely to be the environment. With the presence of the US president Donald Trump, who opted-out of the Paris Climate agreements, the atmosphere might get hotter. Moreover, the conference is shadowed by the trade war between the US and China and a no-deal Brexit floating in the air. World leaders will have to cope with a lot of uncertainties and strong characters if the global governance is to move forward.

Photograph credits : European Commission, The White House
Source: The Guardian

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